Our Solutions

Challenger Value Added Services

Challenger’s value added services range from regional warehousing with JIT delivery programs to kitting, sub assembly and bagging services. Challenger works with you to design solutions that make your supply chain more efficient and reduce in place cost by assuring a reliable source of supply, eliminating stock outs, reducing... Read More ››

Challenger Sourcing Advantage

Challenger Component Services offers the unique advantage to our customers of possessing both domestic and international sourcing expertise. Working directly with the manufacturers of engineered special components all around the world, our sourcing expertise allows us to eliminate redundant cost within the supply chain. The results in cost savings... Read More ››

Challenger Component System

Challenger Component System provides our customers with a comprehensive program that ensures the efficient management and timely delivery of production components parts. Our experience and commitment to supporting your production requirements allows us to provide your company with a solution designed to meet your needs. Read More ››