Who We Serve

Automotive Aftermarket

Challenger offers superior value for the automotive aftermarket industries.  Utilizing our global supply base, Challenger is equipped to source and manage all aspects of your aftermarket class C component... Read More ››

Automotive OE

Challenger Component Services provide superior value through quality, delivery and price. With over 30 years of experience working with automotive original equipment customers, we understand that reducing costs of... Read More ››

Electrical equipment

Challenger Component Services keeps up to date on the latest technology advances for our customers who specialize in electrical equipment. We understand how design effects both cost and quality... Read More ››

Sporting equipment

Challenger has specialized in helping commercial industry customers, especially those manufacturing sports equipment. We continuously seek to find ways to reduce costs through our global supply chain management, while... Read More ››

Commercial Industry

Challenger recognizes the needs of the commercial industry and specializes in component solutions that can be designed for lower volume production. Challenger offers superior solutions that help commercial industry... Read More ››

Heavy Equipment

Challenger Component Services understands the importance of maintaining the integrity and heritage of a final product. While we can create component systems designed to fit your end goals and... Read More ››